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Attrition: No Longer HR's Nightmare

Written by Administrator
Wednesday, 09 July 2008 21:40
Proliferating rate of attrition weighs heavily on the minds of almost every HR manager; bringing in its wake sleepless nights not merely for them but for the CEOs as well. Organizations, all over the world, have now acknowledged the fact that talent is their most strategic and critical resource; and the failure to retain talent can eventually lead to its downfall. Attrition is a global problem. Depleting workforce affects every department in an organization - finance, marketing, or production. However, situation becomes grave for an organization when there is a sudden and large-scale attrition - a group of people working on mission critical projects leave at the same time, and that too unexpectedly. The reasons can be numerous: a group is working at a same level and a big company comes and hires them all; a person leaving takes more people with him; or in some cases of family relations or love affairs where both or all leave in one go. This living nightmare is often so sudden that any plan for contingency or on bench doesn't fulfill the gap. The HR department comes under instant fire to fill up the vacant positions. Given the pressure to scale-up, it frantically begins searching myriad resumes, undertaking numerous manual functions, and coordinating activities among many participants both within and outside the organization; often resulting in inefficient, expensive and time-consuming recruitment process.
This is the story holds good for almost every sector. Attrition is a part of the game, so how does one manage it? There is no way that attrition can be arrested completely. The only way out is to have both a mature recruiting strategy and a mature recruiting process in place to manage attrition. The HR departments have come under increasing pressure to improve the quality of the candidates they hire, to shorten the time to fill open positions, and to reduce the costs associated with staffing. As put by Managing Director of a leading enterprise, "The performance of HR should be measured on the basis of the quality of hire during unforeseen circumstances like recession and attrition."
In order to address these challenges, Connoisseur Infotech Pvt. Ltd. (eConn), India launched its industry-leading solution called 'eConn Resume Parser' - that handles the deluge of resumes, maintains a database of all received resumes, and when required filters out deserving candidates that are hard to find otherwise. A first of its kind, eConn Resume Parser provides corporate and non- corporate recruiters from SME segment, with highly automated solution to automate their recruitment, selection and placement process- enabling them to strategically manage their human capital by reducing hiring and placement costs, decreasing time to fill positions and providing more effective skills management and worker deployment. eConn Resume Parser quickly and efficiently builds and searches comprehensive "pools" of resume skills data to find the workers they need. It supports highly virtuous features like fully automated resume reading, analyzing, sorting, storing, and tracking; thereby automating your entire recruitment process and resume management. It automates resume parsing process for all your web based resume submissions as well. With a capability to parse 20,000 or 200, 0000 or many more generic resumes in less than a day, the system stores all vital information - Name, Address, City, Zip, Email ID, Phone, and text format of resume into database; so that the recruiters are able to effortlessly filter out the right candidates on the basis of parameters like location, zip code, technological skills, and approximate experience. One of eConn clients says, "Why bear the brunt of attrition? eConn Resume parser streamlines your entire recruitment process in no time at all. All you need to do is enter a search string, and it matches the right candidate to the right jobs more quickly than you could ever before. Hiring has never been so simple!"
Last Updated ( Monday, 21 July 2008 10:10 )
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