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Easily parse DOC, DOCX , PDF, HTML , TXT , & RTF Formats.
Takes max 10 seconds to parse and store any resume in database for reporting.
Can process multiple resumes in a folder & store in database.
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Automating HR department: Leveraging Technology to Streamline HR Processes

"Our HR department is completely paper- based and manually driven, and piles up physical clutter on and  around our desktops."
"Recruitment is a nightmare with all the resumes flooding in. HR needs to be more strategic. But, we  spend our day sorting the influx of resumes, capturing their data and storing it somewhere in that limited  space."
If this sounds like your HR Manager, you are not alone. Many small to midsize employers, managing their recruitment process through telephone and paper, are facing the similar dilemma. They are not only grappling with the growing influx of resumes or job applications, but also spending large amount of money, time, and effort on managing these resumes. Every growth cycle is accompanied with a recruitment drive in the organizations. During these recruitment drives, companies receive thousands of resumes, making it impossible to simply browse through the received applications. The HR Managers spend hours finding ideal candidates for the open positions - opening messages one by one, copying and pasting, and storing them. If HR Managers are busy entering candidate details from the tons of resumes everyday, when do they get time to actually interview and select the best talent from the lot? Further, processes like payroll, training, and employee information and welfare add to the daily pressure of the HR team. Even in small to medium-sized businesses, the range of areas that the HR department is expected to cover has expanded significantly.
Understanding these issues, technology has come up with automated solutions that streamline HR processes of the organizations, accrue higher productivity, and improve cost savings. Yet, many small and mid-size companies are reluctant to embrace technology within their organizational structures. Despite the fact that the role of the HR department has become increasingly complex in the past few years, the HR department is often the last department to use technology. They perceive technology to be too expensive, and for them cost control is very critical.
So how can an SME automate the entire workflow of its HR department?
EConn Resume Parser understood your predicament and introduced its premier automated solution - EConn Resume Parser, web based resume parsing software developed for corporate recruiters to automate, expedite and simplify their recruitment process and resume management. A first of its kind meant for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), eConn resume parser completely automates the entire resume handling process, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity of your work and accruing profits to your company.
Mr. Vinay, the Product Director, eConn Resume Parser holds, "eConn realizes that recruitment cost is very high in any organization. A lot of resources and time is drained on activities like collecting resumes, sorting out relevant resumes, and ensuring that right candidate is called for interview. Managing resume database is another challenge, where numerous files in different formats are to be stored. The fight is even worse for SMEs, where the profit margins are thin. EConn teams, however, draws inspiration from drawbacks. It offers innovative web based resume management software to SMEs at an affordable cost, so that the cost of implementing technology is less that the actual expenditure of the recruitment process. EConn Resume Parser not only helps you locate perfect employees among multiple applicants, but also gives total value for money and suits needs of the SME segment as well."
Econn supports highly virtuous features like fully automated resume reading, analyzing, sorting, storing, and tracking; thereby automating your entire recruitment process and resume management. It automates resume parsing process for all your web based resume submissions as well. This simple to use product turns resume text files into searchable data within no time at all. When the need arises, you can automatically match applicants with job requirements - hence adding speed and efficiency to your hiring process. One of the eConn satisfied customers has quoted, "The time savings and efficiencies your product offers are superb. We now have a faster way to analyze resumes and input names, address, phone and email of the candidate with the resume into our database, giving us ample time to concentrate on more important things."
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