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Finding Right candidate in shortest possible time

Written by Administrator
Wednesday, 09 July 2008 21:39
Thanks to online job portals, recruitment Web sites, and numerous placement agencies, any company advertising an open position gets inundated with hundreds of resumes. The only woe is that most of the candidates are unqualified and non-deserving; and filtering the right candidate out of myriad resumes is a daunting task for many HR managers. Technology may have created headaches for many HR departments, but it can cure them, too.
Business Challenge:
Finding someone that perfectly fits what a company is looking for is a difficult task that takes a lot of time and effort. In today's competitive world, every company is always in search of a right candidate. The most accessible candidates are many times the ones you don't want, and the most qualified candidates are becoming more difficult to find. The amount of open positions compared to number of job seekers is very less. With job seekers being in abundance, it becomes a battle zone for the candidates and for the hiring managers as well. As the number of applicants for fewer jobs increases, so too has the pressure on recruiters to find the best candidate possible. Any delays in hiring or wrong hiring can be a significant source of project delays. There are resumes all over the place and hiring managers are underneath their pile. Finding the right candidate seem all the more formidable. Most HR Managers are following manual and paper-based system that is costly, time consuming and not sustainable. When asked to name the most difficult aspect of the hiring process, more than one-third (34 percent) of executives in a survey [1] cited reviewing resumes is their greatest challenge. Many of the participants of the survey noted that they receive thousands of resume in response to a classified ad, and hence feel overwhelmed. It is easy to make mistake while identifying the right candidate. These mistakes, however, can prove to be very costly.
The needs of HR executives find expression in this statement, "Having a well-thought-out procedure in place for each task, including sorting through resumes and conducting job interviews, is the need of the hour. It saves managers time and increases their effectiveness." EConn's Resume Parser, an innovative HR software, is one such automated tool that caters to the growing requirements of your HR department. As a recruiter you have a large network of people from which you have already collected resumes from; people in all different areas of the job market. Once Econn's Resume Parser takes on the task of finding your company candidates to interview, you can expect to get in only the most professional and qualified job seekers that match the requirements of your company and the position. EConn's Resume Parser, an innovative HR software, can help you reduce the paper files, organize critical applicant information, maintain resume database, and filter out the best fit for any open position and rank all applicants, making selection simple and effective.
A first of its kind, it is designed to assist corporate and non - corporate recruiters from SME segment, so that they can maintain and manage their resume database. It supports highly virtuous features like fully automated resume reading, analyzing, sorting, storing, and tracking; thereby providing you with unbiased candidate evaluation procedures, and effective and detailed record - keeping systems. It automates resume parsing process for all your web based resume submissions as well. Using SOAP for web services, it supports a capability to parse numerous resumes irrespective of their format - PDF, RTF, DOC, DOCX, TEXT and HTML. This simple to use product turns resume text files into searchable data within no time at all. When the need arises, you can automatically match applicants with job requirements - hence adding speed and efficiency to your hiring process.
The ability to identify the right candidate, at the right time can make the difference between a good or bad hiring decision. Econn Resume Parser saves your money and time, completing the work for you. As put by one of its esteemed clients, "EConn Resume Parser completely automates the entire resume handling process for us. This has increased efficiency and productivity of our work and saved us huge lot if money. We can now stay focused on employee training and development programs instead of worrying about wading through flood of resumes. With Econn we can be sure we have chosen the best candidates available."
Last Updated ( Monday, 21 July 2008 11:14 )
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